O Apple Silicon está pronto?

O Minetest está pronto para Apple silicon?

Pontos de suporte parciais Rosetta 2




An open-source voxel game engine (Unstable).

Minetest 5.4.0-dev-10.13.6-2f6393f49 on Rosetta 2 works. But: - It could only run on the low-resolution mode. - It couldn't use Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V function. On Apple Silicon, it didn't work even built from source, Reason: Lack of LuaJIT support. ==> Installing minetest dependency: luajit ==> Patching ==> make amalg PREFIX=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/luajit/2.0.5 Last 15 lines from /Users/pan93412/Library/Logs/Homebrew/luajit/01.make: #error "Need at least GCC 4.3 or newer" ^ 3 errors generated. lj_arch.h:55:2: error: "No support for this architecture (yet)" #error "No support for this architecture (yet)" ^ lj_arch.h:294:2: error: "No target architecture defined" #error "No target architecture defined" ^ lj_arch.h:317:2: error: "Need at least GCC 4.3 or newer" #error "Need at least GCC 4.3 or newer" ^ 3 errors generated. Makefile:254: *** Unsupported target architecture. Stop. make: *** [amalg] Error 2

Minetest é compatível com Macs Apple Silicon?
Minetest agora oferece compatibilidade parcial com Macs Apple Silicon M1 e M2. Pode haver alguns recursos que ainda não funcionam conforme esperado, mas eles estão trabalhando constantemente para alcançar a compatibilidade completa em breve.

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