O Apple Silicon está pronto?

O TensorFlow está pronto para Apple silicon?

Suporte Parcial a Apple Silicon (2.6.0)




TensorFlow is an open-source software library for machine learning and artificial intelligence tasks, offering a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources. It enables developers to easily build and deploy ML-powered applications. TensorFlow supports various platforms, including Mac, with optimized performance for Apple Silicon (M1, M2 chips) through TensorFlow's ability to leverage the hardware's advanced capabilities for accelerated computation. This makes it an ideal choice for developers and researchers looking to harness the power of machine learning on their Mac devices.

The official google distribution is currently not working, an incompatible tech preview by apple exists, but won't create models that can be used with google's Tensorflow. TensorFlow for macOS 11.0+ accelerated using Apple's ML Compute framework.

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TensorFlow é compatível com Macs Apple Silicon?
TensorFlow agora oferece compatibilidade parcial com Macs Apple Silicon M1 e M2. Pode haver alguns recursos que ainda não funcionam conforme esperado, mas eles estão trabalhando constantemente para alcançar a compatibilidade completa em breve.
Is TensorFlow compatible with M1 Mac?
Yes, TensorFlow is fully compatible with M1 Macs, offering optimized performance to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Apple Silicon.
Does TensorFlow support Mac operating systems?
Absolutely, TensorFlow is available for Mac operating systems, providing a seamless experience for developers working on machine learning projects.
What are the steps to install TensorFlow on an M2 Mac?
To install TensorFlow on an M2 Mac, you can follow the official TensorFlow documentation which provides detailed instructions for leveraging the hardware's capabilities for machine learning tasks.
How can I check the installed TensorFlow version on my Mac?
To find out the installed TensorFlow version on your Mac, you can run the command 'pip show tensorflow' in the terminal, which will display the version information.

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