O Apple Silicon está pronto?

O flickery está pronto para Apple silicon?

Sim, Suporte Nativo a Apple Silicon (1.9.48+)




Flickery is a robust and feature-rich Mac application designed to enhance your photo and video sharing experience on Flickr. With its intuitive interface, users can easily upload, manage, and share their multimedia content directly from their Mac. Flickery offers seamless Flickr integration, allowing for efficient management of photos and albums, detailed searches to explore Flickr's vast library, and the ability to interact with the Flickr community by commenting on photos and following users. Its support for high-resolution displays ensures that your visual content looks its best, making it an essential tool for photographers and visual content creators who use Mac.

Tags: productivityPhoto SharingFlickr IntegrationMultimedia ManagementSocial NetworkingMac Application

flickery é compatível com Macs Apple Silicon?
flickery agora é totalmente compatível com os Macs Apple Silicon M1 e M2 a partir da versão 1.9.48+.
Why is my Mac screen flickering when using Flickery?
Screen flickering on Mac M1 while using Flickery could be due to compatibility issues or graphics settings. Ensure your software is updated and consider adjusting your display settings or contacting support.
How can I resolve screen flickering in Flickery on my MacBook?
To fix screen flickering in Flickery on your MacBook, try updating Flickery and your macOS to the latest versions, resetting the NVRAM/PRAM, or checking for external display issues if applicable.
Is the Flickery app on MacBook Air M1 free from flicker issues?
The Flickery app should typically be free from flicker issues on MacBook Air M1, provided that both the app and macOS are up to date. If you encounter flickering, updating your software or checking settings may help.
Why does my monitor flicker when connected to Mac and using Flickery?
Monitor flickering when connected to a Mac and using Flickery can occur due to incompatible display settings or cable issues. Ensure your connection is secure, try a different cable, or adjust your monitor's settings.

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