Je AdBlock Pro for Safari připraven/a pro Apple silicon?

Ano, Nativní podpora Apple Silicon (8.1.0+)

AdBlock Pro for Safari

AdBlock Pro for Safari

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AdBlock Pro for Safari is a powerful and efficient ad blocker designed specifically for Safari users on macOS. It enhances your browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads, pop-ups, and trackers, ensuring a faster and more secure online experience. With its easy-to-use interface, AdBlock Pro for Safari provides users with the flexibility to customize their blocking preferences, allowing for a personalized web experience. Whether you're looking to improve page load times, protect your privacy, or simply enjoy an ad-free browsing environment, AdBlock Pro for Safari is an essential tool for any Safari user on Mac.

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Je AdBlock Pro for Safari kompatibilní s Apple Silicon Macs?
AdBlock Pro for Safari je nyní zcela kompatibilní s Apple Silicon M1 a M2 Macs od verze 8.1.0+.
How can I enable AdBlock on Safari for MacBook?
AdBlock Pro for Safari can be easily enabled on your MacBook by installing the extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery. Once installed, simply activate it within Safari's Preferences under the Extensions tab.
Which ad blocker is most effective for Safari on Apple devices?
AdBlock Pro for Safari is considered one of the most effective ad blockers for Safari on Apple devices, offering comprehensive ad-blocking capabilities and customization options.
Is it safe to use AdBlock Pro for Safari on my Mac?
Yes, AdBlock Pro for Safari is safe to use on your Mac. It prioritizes user privacy and security, blocking malicious ads and trackers without compromising your device's safety.
Does Apple offer its own ad blocker for Safari?
While Apple does not offer its own dedicated ad blocker for Safari, AdBlock Pro for Safari is a third-party extension that seamlessly integrates with Safari, providing effective ad-blocking capabilities for Apple users.

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