Ist Aviary bereit für Apple Silicon?

Ja, Native Apple Silicon Unterstützung (1.0.87+)




Aviary is a versatile photo editing tool for Mac that offers users a comprehensive suite of editing features ranging from basic adjustments to advanced artistic effects. Designed to cater to both amateur photographers and professional designers, Aviary provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to enhance and transform your photos. With its rich collection of filters, tools, and effects, users can effortlessly edit images, create graphic designs, and even work on layered compositions. Aviary's integration with macOS ensures seamless operation, making it a powerful addition to any creative toolkit.

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Ist Aviary kompatibel mit den Silicon Macs von Apple?
Aviary ist ab der Version 1.0.87+ vollständig kompatibel mit den M1 und M2 Silicon Macs von Apple.
How do I utilize Aviary on my Mac?
To use Aviary on your Mac, download and install the app from the Mac App Store. Once installed, open Aviary, and you can start editing your photos by importing them into the app. Aviary offers various editing tools and effects to enhance your images.
What is Aviary's functionality for organizing photos on Mac?
Aviary functions as a comprehensive photo editing app rather than a dedicated drop folder app. However, it allows users to organize their editing projects within the app, providing an efficient workflow for photo enhancement on Mac.
How do you perform drag and drop operations in Aviary on a Mac?
In Aviary, drag and drop operations can be utilized for importing photos into the app. Simply drag your photo from Finder and drop it into Aviary's interface to start editing. This feature streamlines the process of working with multiple images.

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