Ist Fantastical bereit für Apple Silicon?

Ja, Native Apple Silicon Unterstützung (3.3+)




Fantastical is a highly acclaimed calendar app designed specifically for macOS users, offering an intuitive and innovative interface that simplifies scheduling and event management. Its natural language processing feature allows users to create events using everyday language, making it a standout choice for personal and professional use. Fantastical integrates seamlessly with a wide range of calendar services, including Google Calendar, iCloud, and Office 365, providing a unified view of all your appointments and reminders. With features like calendar sets, weather updates, and meeting proposals, Fantastical enhances productivity and planning efficiency on your Mac.

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Ist Fantastical kompatibel mit den Silicon Macs von Apple?
Fantastical ist ab der Version 3.3+ vollständig kompatibel mit den M1 und M2 Silicon Macs von Apple.
Can Fantastical be used on a MacBook?
Yes, Fantastical is fully compatible with MacBook, offering a tailored experience that leverages the macOS environment for optimal performance.
Is there an online version of Fantastical available?
While Fantastical is primarily a macOS application, it also offers integration capabilities that may allow for some level of web access through its service connections.
How does Fantastical compare to the built-in Apple Calendar?
Fantastical offers several advanced features over the built-in Apple Calendar, including natural language processing, better integration options with other calendar services, and a more flexible interface, making it a preferred choice for many users.
Does Fantastical integrate with Office 365?
Yes, Fantastical supports integration with Office 365, allowing users to manage their Office 365 calendars and events directly within the app for a seamless scheduling experience.

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