Est-ce que xScope est prêt pour Apple silicon ?

Oui, Support natif pour Apple Silicon (4.5+)



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xScope is a versatile tool designed for designers and developers who require precise measurements and a detailed understanding of their graphical work on the Mac platform. This application offers a suite of powerful features including rulers, guides, screens, and frames to help users layout and measure elements with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're working on web design, app interfaces, or other digital graphics, xScope provides the necessary tools to ensure your visuals are pixel-perfect. It's an essential application for professionals aiming to streamline their design process and enhance the accuracy of their work.

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Est-ce que xScope est compatible avec les Macs Silicon d'Apple ?
xScope est maintenant entièrement compatible avec les Macs Silicon M1 et M2 d'Apple à partir de la version 4.5+.
How can I use xScope to measure elements on my screen?
xScope provides a variety of tools such as rulers, guides, and frames that you can use to measure and align elements accurately on your screen. Simply select the tool you need from the application's interface and adjust it to measure the specific element or area.
Is xScope compatible with the latest macOS version?
xScope is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of macOS. For the best experience, make sure your application is up to date by checking the App Store or the official website for any available updates.
Can I use xScope for both web and app design?
Yes, xScope is designed to assist with both web and app design projects. Its tools are versatile enough to be applied to any digital design work, helping you ensure that your layouts and graphics are precise and to scale.

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