Microsoft Remote Desktop Apple Silicon è pronta?

, Supporto nativo Apple Silicon (10.6.0 (1872))

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac is a powerful application that allows users to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by an administrator. With a streamlined interface and full support for Windows gestures and actions, it provides a seamless experience for managing your remote resources. The app supports high-quality video and audio streaming, making remote work and support tasks more efficient and productive. It's an essential tool for professionals who need to access their work environment from anywhere, offering secure connections and a range of configuration options to suit various needs.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop è compatibile con Mac di Apple Silicon?
Microsoft Remote Desktop è ora completamente compatibile con Apple Silicon M1 e M2 Mac dalla versione 10.6.0 (1872).
Is Microsoft Remote Desktop compatible with macOS?
Yes, you can use Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac to connect to a remote PC or access virtual apps and desktops.
What is the recommended RDP client for macOS users?
Microsoft Remote Desktop is the recommended RDP client for Mac users, offering a range of features for efficient remote access.
Does macOS support remote desktop access?
While Apple provides its own remote desktop solution, Microsoft Remote Desktop is also available for Mac users to connect to Windows devices.
How can I open RDP files on my Mac?
You can open RDP files on your Mac using Microsoft Remote Desktop, which provides full support for connecting to remote PCs and resources.

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