SiriMote Appleシリコンの準備はできていますか?

はい, ネイティブApple Siliconサポート (1.3.9+)




SiriMote is a versatile application that allows users to control their Mac with the Apple Siri Remote, offering a seamless integration for managing media playback, presentations, and more. By leveraging the capabilities of the Siri Remote, which is primarily designed for the Apple TV, SiriMote extends its utility to the Mac, enabling users to take advantage of its intuitive touch interface and motion controls on their computers. This application is perfect for those looking to enhance their multimedia experience, control presentations effortlessly, or simply enjoy a more interactive way to navigate through their Mac's interface.

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SiriMoteはApple Silicon Macと互換性がありますか?
SiriMoteはバージョン1.3.9+から完全にApple Silicon M1およびM2 Macと互換性があります。
Is it possible to operate my Mac using the Siri Remote?
Yes, with SiriMote, you can use the Siri Remote to control your Mac, offering a unique way to manage media playback, presentations, and other functions.
What functionalities does SiriMote offer?
SiriMote transforms your Siri Remote into a versatile control for your Mac, enabling you to handle media playback, navigate presentations, and interact with your Mac in a more intuitive and convenient way.
Can I control my MacBook Pro using a remote?
Absolutely, SiriMote allows you to control your MacBook Pro using the Apple Siri Remote, providing a seamless experience for managing various applications and tasks.
Is it possible to manage Apple TV functions from my MacBook Air?
While SiriMote primarily enables the Siri Remote to control your Mac, managing Apple TV directly from a MacBook Air would require a different approach or application.