Virtualbox Appleシリコンの準備はできていますか?

部分的なApple Siliconサポート (7.0.8 developer preview)




VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use.

The only version compatible with Apple Silicon is 7.0.8 beta. Virtualbox announced that there won't be any further M1 packages on the 7.0 branch following 7.0.8.

VirtualboxはApple Silicon Macと互換性がありますか?
Virtualboxは現在Apple Silicon M1およびM2 Macとの部分的な互換性を提供しています。まだ全面的に機能しない特性がいくつか存在するかもしれませんが、完全な互換性を達成するために継続して取り組んでいます。
Is VirtualBox 6.1.46 compatible with Apple-Silicon architecture?
No, VirtualBox 6.1.46 doesn't support Apple-Silicon architecture.
Does VirtualBox 7.0.8 support Apple-Silicon architecture?
VirtualBox 7.0.8, labeled as a Beta version, has preliminary support for Apple-Silicon architecture, but issues have been reported with booting up MacOS 10.6 guests.
Is Apple-Silicon support available in VirtualBox 7.0.10?
No, version 7.0.10 of VirtualBox has removed all pretense of Apple-Silicon support.