iFinance 4 Appleシリコンの準備はできていますか?

はい, ネイティブApple Siliconサポート (4.6.0+)

iFinance 4

iFinance 4

Synium Software GmbH

iFinance 4 is an intuitive and powerful personal finance software designed specifically for Mac users. It helps in managing personal finances with ease, offering a comprehensive overview of your financial situation. With iFinance 4, users can track their expenses, incomes, and investments, all in one place. The application supports various types of accounts, including cash, bank accounts, credit cards, and securities, making it versatile for different financial needs. Its capability to analyze and categorize transactions, along with generating detailed reports and charts, provides valuable insights into where your money goes and how to budget effectively. iFinance 4 also features cloud syncing across devices, ensuring your financial data is always up-to-date and accessible wherever you are.

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iFinance 4はApple Silicon Macと互換性がありますか?
iFinance 4はバージョン4.6.0+から完全にApple Silicon M1およびM2 Macと互換性があります。
How can I start using iFinance 4 on my Mac?
To start using iFinance 4 on your Mac, download and install it from the Mac App Store. Once installed, open the app and follow the setup instructions to create your financial database.
Can I import transactions from my bank into iFinance 4?
Yes, iFinance 4 allows you to import transactions from your bank. You can do this by downloading your transactions in a supported file format (e.g., CSV, QIF, OFX) from your bank's website and then importing them into the app.
Is there a way to sync my financial data across multiple devices with iFinance 4?
Yes, iFinance 4 supports syncing your financial data across multiple devices using iCloud or iFinance Sync. This feature ensures your data is up-to-date and accessible on any device running iFinance 4.
How can I create a budget in iFinance 4?
To create a budget in iFinance 4, go to the 'Budgets' section, click 'Add Budget', and follow the instructions to set up your budget categories and limits. You can track your spending against these budgets to manage your finances more effectively.
What reports can I generate with iFinance 4 to analyze my finances?
iFinance 4 offers a variety of reports, including income and expense reports, asset and liability charts, and investment performance overviews. These reports help you analyze your financial health and make informed decisions.