Banktivity 가 Apple Silicon을 지원하나요?

, 네이티브 Apple Silicon 지원 (8.0.3+)



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Banktivity is a sophisticated finance management application designed specifically for Mac users, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for personal finance tracking, budgeting, and investment monitoring. It integrates seamlessly with macOS, supporting features like direct downloads from banks, investment tracking, and multi-currency support. Banktivity's design is both user-friendly and powerful, making it ideal for individuals looking to take control of their financial life. The application is built to leverage the unique capabilities of Mac computers, including support for the latest macOS versions and hardware, such as the M1 chip.

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Banktivity이(가) Apple Silicon Mac과 호환됩니까?
Banktivity은(는) 이제 버전 8.0.3+부터 Apple Silicon M1 및 M2 Mac과 완전히 호환됩니다.
Can Banktivity run on M1 Mac computers?
Yes, Banktivity is fully compatible with M1 Macs, offering optimized performance for the latest Apple silicon.
Does Banktivity 7 support macOS Ventura?
Banktivity 7 is designed to be compatible with macOS Ventura, ensuring users can manage their finances on the latest macOS environment.
Is Banktivity 7 available for purchase or download?
Banktivity 7 is still accessible to users, allowing for continued financial management and support.
Is Banktivity designed to work with macOS Monterey?
Yes, Banktivity offers full compatibility with macOS Monterey, ensuring a smooth financial management experience on this version of macOS.

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