BetterSnapTool 가 Apple Silicon을 지원하나요?

, 네이티브 Apple Silicon 지원 (1.9.5+)




BetterSnapTool is a powerful utility for Mac users, offering advanced window management capabilities. It allows users to easily resize, position, and snap windows to various areas of the screen, enhancing productivity and workspace organization. With support for custom keyboard shortcuts and various snapping options, BetterSnapTool simplifies the process of managing window layouts, making it a must-have tool for anyone looking to boost their efficiency on macOS. Whether you're working on a single monitor or a multi-display setup, BetterSnapTool provides a seamless window management experience, including support for macOS's latest versions and M1 chip compatibility.

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BetterSnapTool이(가) Apple Silicon Mac과 호환됩니까?
BetterSnapTool은(는) 이제 버전 1.9.5+부터 Apple Silicon M1 및 M2 Mac과 완전히 호환됩니다.
How can I resize windows on my Mac using BetterSnapTool?
BetterSnapTool allows you to easily resize and position windows on your Mac by dragging them to the edges or corners of your screen, where they will automatically snap and adjust to predefined sizes.
What features does BetterSnapTool offer for snapping windows on macOS?
BetterSnapTool offers a variety of features for snapping windows on macOS, including customizable keyboard shortcuts, various snap areas, and the ability to save window positions for later use.
How can I check if BetterSnapTool is compatible with the M1 chip?
To check if BetterSnapTool is compatible with the M1 chip, you can visit the app's official website or the Mac App Store listing, where compatibility information and updates regarding M1 support are provided.
What steps should I follow to boot my MacBook with BetterSnapTool installed?
Booting your MacBook with BetterSnapTool installed follows the standard macOS startup process. BetterSnapTool does not affect the booting sequence; once your Mac is up and running, you can launch BetterSnapTool like any other application.

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