Quicken 가 Apple Silicon을 지원하나요?

, 네이티브 Apple Silicon 지원 (6.0+)



Quicken Inc.

Quicken is a comprehensive financial management tool designed specifically for Mac users, offering a wide array of features to manage personal finances, investments, and budgeting. It supports various Mac models, including those powered by the M1 chip, ensuring seamless integration with macOS. Quicken for Mac provides an intuitive interface for tracking expenses, creating budgets, and monitoring investments, making it easier for users to achieve their financial goals. With its robust data security measures, Quicken ensures that your financial information remains secure.

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Quicken이(가) Apple Silicon Mac과 호환됩니까?
Quicken은(는) 이제 버전 6.0+부터 Apple Silicon M1 및 M2 Mac과 완전히 호환됩니다.
Is Quicken compatible with M1 Macs?
Yes, Quicken is fully compatible with M1 Macs, offering optimized performance for the latest hardware.
Can Quicken be used on a MacBook?
Absolutely, Quicken can be used on any MacBook, providing a tailored experience for managing your finances on macOS.
Is there an Apple version of Quicken?
While Quicken is not developed by Apple, it is available for macOS and offers features designed to complement the Mac ecosystem.
What could prevent Quicken from installing on a Mac?
Installation issues can arise from outdated macOS versions or insufficient system resources. Ensure your Mac meets Quicken's requirements for a smooth installation.

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