Czy apka VMWare Horizon Client jest gotowa dla procesora Apple?

Tak, Natywne wsparcie Apple Silicon (8.12.0)

VMWare Horizon Client

VMWare Horizon Client


VMware Horizon Client is a sophisticated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution designed for Mac users, offering seamless access to their Windows desktops, applications, and data from a remote server. It supports a broad range of macOS versions, including the latest M1 chip-based Macs, providing a flexible and efficient work environment. With VMware Horizon Client, users can enjoy a high-performance, secure, and customizable desktop experience, regardless of their physical location. The application is optimized for both performance and compatibility, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.

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Czy VMWare Horizon Client jest zgodny z Macami z czipem Apple Silicon?
VMWare Horizon Client jest teraz całkowicie kompatybilny z Apple Silicon M1 i M2 Macs od wersji 8.12.0.
Is VMware Horizon Client compatible with M1 Mac models?
Yes, VMware Horizon Client supports M1 Mac models, providing a seamless remote desktop experience.
Can VMware Horizon Client be utilized on Mac computers?
Absolutely, VMware Horizon Client can be used on Mac computers, enabling access to virtual desktops and applications.
Does VMware Horizon Client support macOS version 10.13.6?
Yes, VMware Horizon Client is compatible with macOS version 10.13.6, ensuring users with this OS version can access their virtual desktops.
What operating systems are supported by VMware Horizon Client?
VMware Horizon Client supports a wide range of operating systems, including various versions of macOS, ensuring broad compatibility for Mac users.

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