Är Epic Games Launcher redo för Apple Silicon?

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Epic Games Launcher

Epic Games Launcher

Epic Games

The Epic Games Launcher is an Epic Games storefront, digital games distribution, communication and multiplayer platform made by Epic Games. It’s focused on providing great games for gamers, and a fair deal for game developers. When you buy a game on the Epic Games Store, 88% of the price goes directly to developers, versus only 70% on many other stores. This helps developers invest in building bigger and better games

Runs however crashes on installing twinmotion, unusable on M1 mac

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Är Epic Games Launcher kompatibel med Apple Silicon Macs?
Epic Games Launcher erbjuder nu delvis kompatibilitet med Apple Silicon M1 och M2 Macs. Det kan fortfarande finnas vissa funktioner som inte fungerar fullt ut som förväntat, men de arbetar ständigt mot att uppnå full kompatibilitet snart.

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