Är Native instruments redo för Apple Silicon?

Partiellt Apple Silicon-stöd (-)

Native instruments

Native instruments

Native Instruments GmbH

From January 12th, 2021, we’re enabling the installation of NI products on computers with Apple Silicon processors. With the exception of MASSIVE X, all of our products can be activated, installed and updated using Native Access (version 1.13.2 and later), which will run on the latest generation of Mac computers via Apple’s automatic translation environment Rosetta 2. Please note however that we are not yet able to offer technical support for products installed in this way.

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Är Native instruments kompatibel med Apple Silicon Macs?
Native instruments erbjuder nu delvis kompatibilitet med Apple Silicon M1 och M2 Macs. Det kan fortfarande finnas vissa funktioner som inte fungerar fullt ut som förväntat, men de arbetar ständigt mot att uppnå full kompatibilitet snart.

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