Är Yoink for Mac redo för Apple Silicon?

Ja, Infödd Apple Silicon-stöd (3.5.11+)

Yoink for Mac

Yoink for Mac


Yoink for Mac is a sleek and intuitive drag-and-drop utility designed to improve the file management experience on macOS. It acts as a temporary holding spot for files and app content you intend to move or copy from one location to another. By simplifying the drag-and-drop process, Yoink helps users efficiently organize their files, images, text snippets, and URLs, making it a must-have tool for enhancing productivity. With its seamless integration into the macOS ecosystem, Yoink offers a fluid and unobtrusive user experience, making file transfers easier and more intuitive than ever.

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Är Yoink for Mac kompatibel med Apple Silicon Macs?
Yoink for Mac är nu helt kompatibel med Apple Silicon M1 och M2 Macs från version 3.5.11+.
How can I operate Yoink on my macOS device?
To use Yoink on your Mac, simply drag files or content onto the Yoink icon or window that appears at the edge of the screen. Yoink will hold these items temporarily, allowing you to navigate to the destination folder or application where you wish to move or copy them.
What application serves as a temporary storage for dragging and dropping files on Mac?
Yoink is known as the go-to application for Mac users seeking a temporary drop spot for files and content during the drag-and-drop process. It simplifies moving or copying files across different locations or applications.
What are the steps for utilizing drag and drop functionality on macOS with Yoink?
To drag and drop on a Mac using Yoink, start by selecting the files or content you wish to transfer. Drag them over to Yoink's window or icon, then navigate to your desired destination and drag the items out of Yoink to complete the transfer.

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