Кремній Apple готовий?

Кремній Apple готовий для Affinity Publisher?

Так, Рідна підтримка Apple Silicon (1.8.6)

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher

Serif (Europe)

Affinity Publisher is a powerful and intuitive desktop publishing application designed for Mac users, offering advanced tools for layout creation, typography, and image handling. It's fully compatible with Apple silicon, including M1 chips, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Affinity Publisher is often considered a Mac equivalent to other leading desktop publishing software, offering a seamless experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its compatibility with Mac OS makes it a preferred choice for creating high-quality publications, magazines, brochures, and books.

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Чи сумісний Affinity Publisher з Mac на чіпі Apple Silicon?
Affinity Publisher тепер повністю сумісний з Mac на чіпі Apple Silicon M1 та M2 починаючи з версії 1.8.6.
Which applications are optimized for use with Apple silicon chips?
Affinity Publisher is fully optimized for use with Apple silicon chips, including M1, ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency.
Does Affinity Publisher offer optimization for M1 chips?
Yes, Affinity Publisher is optimized for M1 chips, providing users with a smooth and efficient experience on Mac devices powered by Apple silicon.
What is the Mac alternative to traditional desktop publishing software?
Affinity Publisher serves as a powerful Mac alternative to traditional desktop publishing software, offering a wide range of professional-grade features.
Is Affinity Publisher compatible with MacOS?
Yes, Affinity Publisher is designed to be fully compatible with MacOS, offering a seamless and integrated experience for Mac users.

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