Кремній Apple готовий?

Кремній Apple готовий для Sparkle?

Так, Рідна підтримка Apple Silicon (1.24.0-spm+)



Sparkle Project

Sparkle is an essential tool for developers and Mac users, designed to simplify the process of keeping applications up to date. It seamlessly integrates with Mac applications to provide automatic updates, ensuring that users always have the latest features and security enhancements without manual intervention. This open-source framework is highly regarded for its ease of use and integration, making it a go-to choice for developers looking to streamline their update processes. Sparkle supports appcasting, a method of distributing updates using standard web technologies, which makes it incredibly efficient and reliable for software distribution.

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Чи сумісний Sparkle з Mac на чіпі Apple Silicon?
Sparkle тепер повністю сумісний з Mac на чіпі Apple Silicon M1 та M2 починаючи з версії 1.24.0-spm+.
What are some alternatives to Sparkle for updating Mac applications?
Alternatives to Sparkle for updating Mac applications include Squirrel, WinSparkle, and the built-in macOS software update mechanisms.
What is Sparkle in the context of Mac applications?
Sparkle is a software framework for macOS applications that enables developers to add seamless, automatic update features to their apps, enhancing user experience and security.
How can Sparkle be installed in a Mac application?
To install Sparkle, developers need to integrate it into their Mac application's project, configure update settings, and ensure the app is set up to securely fetch and install updates.
Is Sparkle associated with Apple Inc.?
While Sparkle is widely used in Mac applications, it is not directly associated with Apple Inc. It is an independent, open-source project that complements macOS software development.

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