Кремній Apple готовий?

Кремній Apple готовий для Vectorize?

Так, Рідна підтримка Apple Silicon (1.1+)



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Vectorize is a powerful Mac application designed to easily convert raster images (JPEGs, BMPs, PNGs, etc.) into high-quality vector graphics (SVG, PDF, EPS, etc.). This app is perfect for designers, illustrators, and anyone looking to transform their images into scalable vector formats without losing quality. Vectorize stands out for its user-friendly interface and efficient processing, making it an essential tool for creating scalable graphics for various projects, from web design to print materials. Whether you're working in Illustrator on a Mac or need a quick conversion on your iPad, Vectorize offers seamless integration and functionality.

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Чи сумісний Vectorize з Mac на чіпі Apple Silicon?
Vectorize тепер повністю сумісний з Mac на чіпі Apple Silicon M1 та M2 починаючи з версії 1.1+.
How can I convert a raster image into a vector format using Vectorize on a Mac?
To convert a raster image into a vector format on a Mac, open Vectorize, select your image, and choose your desired vector output format. The app will automatically process and convert the image into a scalable vector graphic.
What is Vectorize and how does it work on a Mac?
Vectorize is an application for Mac that transforms raster images into vector graphics. It uses advanced algorithms to trace the outlines of your image and convert them into scalable vectors, maintaining quality at any size.
How can I use Vectorize to create vector graphics in Illustrator on a Mac?
After converting your image to vector with Vectorize, you can import the vector file into Illustrator on a Mac to further edit, scale, or incorporate it into your designs seamlessly.
Is there a Vectorize app available for iPad that converts images to vectors?
Yes, Vectorize also offers an iPad version that allows you to convert images to vector graphics directly on your device, providing the same powerful features and ease of use as the Mac version.

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