Är Zoom redo för Apple Silicon?

Ja, Infödd Apple Silicon-stöd (5.6.1)




Zoom is a widely used video conferencing app that allows users to connect virtually with others for both professional and personal communication. It offers features such as video meetings, chat, webinars, and more. Zoom is compatible with various operating systems, including macOS, and supports Apple's M1 and M2 silicon chips, ensuring optimized performance for Mac users. This compatibility enhances the app's efficiency and reliability on the latest Apple hardware. With easy-to-use interfaces and robust functionality, Zoom has become a go-to application for online meetings, virtual events, and collaboration.

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Är Zoom kompatibel med Apple Silicon Macs?
Zoom är nu helt kompatibel med Apple Silicon M1 och M2 Macs från version 5.6.1.
Is Zoom compatible with Apple silicon Macs?
Yes, Zoom supports Apple silicon, including both M1 and M2 chips, providing enhanced performance and efficiency on these devices.
How can I install Zoom on my M1-equipped Mac?
To download Zoom on an M1 Mac, visit Zoom's official website, select the macOS version of the app, and follow the installation instructions.
Does Zoom offer support for M2 Mac computers?
Yes, Zoom is fully compatible with M2 Mac computers, ensuring smooth and reliable video conferencing experiences on the latest Apple hardware.
Can Zoom be used on Apple Mac computers?
Yes, Zoom can be easily installed and used on Apple Mac computers, supporting a wide range of models, including those with M1 and M2 chips.

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